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Question: Trekking in early May

I am planning to visit Kyrgystan from 1 - 10 May 2019. 

Are there any short treks that can be done during this period of time? 

Thanks for helping out :) 

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Azamat 1 years ago

Hello Traveler, depending on what part of the country you want to venture out to, south or the North, you have several options available. If you are flying into Bishkek then nothing beats several one day hikes while returning to your guest hoyse/hostel/hotel daily. These trails are located along the Kyrgyz Ala Too mountain range that overlook the Bishkek city and have trails available in every gorge near Bishkek. 1. Ala-Archa national park. 2. Alamedin gorge 3. Sokuluk gorge and waterfall 4 Chunkurchak canyon 5 Ysyk-ata gorge and Soviet hot spa and waterfall. 6 kegeti gorge and waterfall. 7 kegeti gorge and Kol Tor lake. 

Chon Kemin National park 2 hour drive from Bishkek along torugart bishkek highway. You have the trail that comes out at Toru Aigyr with overnight camping in the wild. Also horses available to do the same trail on horseback.

You can do Altyn Arashan trail near Karakol In one day with the hot spa at the summit as a culmination. Or you can make it part of 4 day trek that will end in Karakol gorge via the lake ( sorry, forgot the name).. 

Hope this was helpful. Feel free to contact me to ask any detailed information. 



Aman 1 years ago

Hi Guest 

My name is Aman Ubaliev and I am a guide and driver too I provide tours in Kyrgyzstan of course we can make.

I am doing this job for 7 years and I can provide you.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

We can make it

Negotiate with you. 

What kind of tour do you want only trekking?? 

I can provide you trekking transportation and guide service. Also horse riding and staying in yurts.

Visiting hot spring pools.

Historical places like Burana tower and museums.

Just answer any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

Many thanks Aman

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