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Question: How to find other travelers to share costs of travel

How do I find out if other travelers going to Pamir Highway, Wakhan Corrider in July would like to share tour  or guide to reduce cost? 

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Mukhammed Ali

Mukhammed Ali 1 years ago

Hey Sir/Madam,

Let me to inform you some of the options that you can find other travelers in advance to share the cost. 

If I were you I would visit global tourism sites like lonely planet and see the Tajikistan forum. Mostly travelers who want to share the cost visit this forum and leave a request for joining a group. 

Secondly you can leave a request here on Indy guide like "Looking for a group to join PH", I am sure that there is a group that also seeking for others like you.

And the last, you ought to be at your starting point of destination, it might be Osh or Dushanbe. Once you arrive one of these cities, there are local ground tour operators, that offer and gether tourists in one group and share a car. Estimates cost is 130-150$ for one person.

All the best..MH



Shamsiddin 1 years ago

I have a group of 8 people on July 14, the beginning of the route from the border of Uzbekistan mountain route started from Iskanderkul 8 days


Kubanych 1 years ago

 Hello, July 14th I have a tourist for this trip, you can join. For a more detailed discussion write to me.



Alex 1 years ago

There is a traveller for June the same like you.


Dana 1 years ago

I can go around July 14th, possibly earlier. I want to see the route that takes me close to Afghanistan on the Pamir highway at the Wakan corridor on the Tajikistan side.

I dont have to go all the way to Osh but could.


Oriz 1 years ago

Contact local travel agencies


Shamsiddin 1 years ago

You specify the date I have a group until October 7 .if polychaets for earlier will tell You

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