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Question: Prices in Kazakhstan

Hi Guys!

My trip to Kazakhstan and Kirgistan is approaching :)

Could you tell me something about prices in these countries? For example what is the price of dinner in non-exclusive restaurant? And what is the price of things for children like a nappies or wet wipes

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Yerlan 1 years ago

Hi, Olga,

happy trip to our K-stans! :-)

Prices are different, like countries are different. Seriously, Kazakhstan is more wealthy and urbanized, prices may be higher 20% to 200%, depending on a matter.

Specifically up to your questions, ordinary dinner in Astana is about $4-6/person, in Almaty much cheaper, I think it is $2-4/person. Taxi is $1,5 per a ride, the least possible. Dipers are within $4-14 range, depending on size and bag (double, economy etc). In small towns and villages dipers may be sole one-by-one. Wet wipes are about $0.6/pack or less, depending on a manufacturer.

Regards, Yerlan.


Islam 1 years ago


I can invite you for the trip to Kazakhstan where pretty nice price for the lunch about 10$ same as for the dinner.

Total price for the full service includes transfer,guidance,tickets and water about 110$ per day.




Kristina 1 years ago

Hello. Welcome to Kazakhstan. About your questions: cost for dinner in the city restaurant is about 10-15$ per person. You can also find good places with the price 7-9$. Baby's nappies is about 20$ for big pack 50-60pcs. Wipes ~2$ for big pack.

Let me know if I can help you 

Best regards, 


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