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Question: Beautiful nature in Kazakhstan?


Recommendations of beautiful places in Kazakhstan to visit in the end of May to beginning of June? I love nature, hiking, photography, animals and farming.

Kind regards, 


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Islam 11 months ago


I am invite you to see deepest canyon Aksu in Central Asia,river forest along giant Syrdarya river with camel's farm,Western Tyan Shyan mountains and large cave with undergroung grove as well by my car.

My service includes car,guidance,tickets,water and food also I can organize accommodation in the mountain yurt.



Madina Danina

Madina Danina 11 months ago

Hi Amanda, 

Welcome to Kazakhstan. End of May, beginning of June is a very good period for  travelling here. I assume that you arrive to Almaty or Astana.

In Almaty I would suggest to visit Assy plateau, Charyn canyons, Altyn Emel park and our beautiful mountain lakes. It is a minimal must go programme) We have many horse farms here and if you wish I can easily bring you to one of them. There you can try fresh or fermented mare's milk and ride a horse. Camel farms are also existing, but located more remotely from the main destination places. Also, almost in the city there are lots of amazing  mountains and gorges. It is possible to get closer to them by public transport and then to hike)

In Astana region located Kazakh "Switserland" Burabay National Park. Beautiful lakes surrounded by pine trees and hills. And Korgalzhyn National Park, where you can observe nesting of wild birds.

South, Eastetn and Western Kazakhstan are beautiful, by its own wild beauty. But trips there would unfortunately depend on the time that you have are going to spend there. Since, Kazakhstan is a huge country and sometimes you need 3 days to reach one place by train.

Hope it would help you to make a decision) And is case you have questions  feel free to text via indyguide's messenger.



Tatyana 11 months ago

Hello, Amanda.

I'm Tatyana guide in the Almaty city of Kazakhstan. I invite you to the Almaty region. Here are very beautiful landscapes ( mountains, lakes, canyons, forests, rivers), and also it is good area for farming. Possible to have horse back riding hiking.

A lot of various of trips you can find in my profile.


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