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Question: Driver: Day Tour, From Penjikent to Dushanbe on May 4

Dear Madam/Sir:

We are a group of two, looking for a driver to pick us up at the border of Penjikent and take us on a day trip to Dushanbe from Penjikent on May 4. We are planning to cross the border and arrive on the Tajik side before noon, possible at 10 or 11 am. On our way to Dushanbe we would like to visit places such as the Bazaar of Penjikent, ruins of Penjikent, the Seven Lakes, and some famous places in Dushanbe if time allows. We dont mind returning to our hostel in Dushanbe late. Let us know if such a day trip is feasible or not. We are open to suggestions. Feel free to suggest nice historical places or natrual wonders along the road.

Please give us a quotation for such a day trip and list out the items included. Thank you.


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Obidjon 2 years ago

Hello Dear Traveler !

From Panjikent to Dushanbe you can visit: Historical Museum, Bazar ruin of Panjikent and some historical places like Varz minerat, Rarz minerat, Pusti Hisor Fortress, Fatmev minerat, Qalai Kofir( The first half of 1 milanium BC) 

You will be driving through Anzob pass and anjoing the beauty of Fann Montains and Varzob Valley and will be in Dushanbe around 8:00pm.




Denis 2 years ago

Hi !

only the ordinary way from Penjikent will take near 5-6 hours if the driver try to be safe.

by the way you can see Seven lakes, Kulikalon and Alaudin lakes, Iskanderkul and Siama river. But you need additional time for it and be ready to sleep in tent and hike.

if you like this please stay in touch.

yours Denis Luboijo 

Muhammadi (Bobo)

Muhammadi (Bobo) 2 years ago


hi  Denis do i have a car how many days do you want? if you go, I give you a day Panjakent seven lakes.2 day seven lakes Iskandarkul.3 day. Iskandarkul Dushanbe.

Muhammadi (Bobo)

Muhammadi (Bobo) 2 years ago


Hello, Thank you for your interest in discovering Tadjikistan! My name is Bobo and I live in the Fann Mountains. I can offer hiking, trekking (with camping or in home stays) climbing and driving tours (4WD) in French, English and Russian in Tadjikistan. The tours are customizable to your preferences, ranging from full service (accommodation, food, camping equipment, porters) to the bare minimum. Please check my profile for pictures of past tours and let me know what are your wishes. Best, Bobo 

Muhammadi (Bobo)

Muhammadi (Bobo) 2 years ago

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