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Question: Looking for 1/2 travellers for Pamir Highway June 14th Osh.

Myself and one other traveller are looking to share a car with one or two other travellers on a Pamir Highway trip from Osh-Dushanbe.

Our dates are 14th-21st of June.

We have many offers from drivers but are looking for traveller to help share the cost.

PM me if you are interested.

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Roma 1 years ago

hello! Leo is that you?


Shamil 1 years ago


In June, we need 2 people for tour from osh to dushanbe,if you want to travel with me, let me know please

Thank you


Shamil 1 years ago


Nadya 1 years ago

Hi. We have one group of two people looking for travel partners starting from 9th June in Dushanbe. Could you change your schedule or is that fixed?




Shamsiddin 1 years ago

Our company organizuyut but write in detail about the route

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