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Question: Anyone travelling in Almaty 27th of May to 4th of June?


Is anyone going to be travelling in Almaty region in the end of May? I would love to share a tour with someone to lower the price if anyone is interested. I'm flexible but mostly interested in the beautiful nature around Almaty and don't mind some hiking or sleeping in tent.


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Dmitriy 1 years ago

могу вас взять с Роней 24 го  Золотое кольцо


Dmitriy 1 years ago



Ronja 1 years ago

Hey Amanda, are you still going to Almaty? Do you already have any plans? I will arrive tomorrow and stay until 30.05. maybe you would like to look for a shared Tour to lower the costs :)? Best regards, Ronja


Roman 1 years ago

Dear Amanda, you can join the trip over the Ili river by boat and to see petroglyphs on the rocks one day.


Abay 1 years ago


I’m guide in Almaty and 1 May with my international friends we will go to Charyn-Kaindy-Kolsay( 2 days tour)


If you want you can join !!!!

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