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Question: Day trip to Issyk-Kul from Almaty

My friends and I (in total 4) would like to travel from Almaty to Issyk-Kul (Cholpon-Ata) on the 31st of July. On our way we would like to stop at the Big Almaty lake and see the Cholpon-Ata petroglyphs. Is it possible to hire a driver/guide for one day who could do this tour with us? At the end of the day we would like to stay in Cholpon-Ata and sleep there (so a one way trip from Almaty to Issyk-Kul). Like to hear if it is possible :).

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Roman 10 months ago

Dear, just for reference, the crossing of border between Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan by the paths in mountains now is proshibited first, second is you need four days to come from Almaty to Cholpon Ata. You may only take a trip near Almaty (Big almaty lake, Issyk lake, Tugren george or Kulsay lakes) and come back, then drive to Kirgyzstan. Regards.


Aman 10 months ago

Hi Dear Guest

My name is Aman Ubaliev and I am a guide and driver too I provide tours in Kyrgyzstan and I can provide you with pleasure.

So for one day I can take you from Almaty and also from the border. Which one do you like??

If I take you from Almaty it is a bit expensive 400$  if I take you from border so it will be 150$ . I can meet you at the Border.

What do you think??

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

Many thanks


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