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Question: Route options Murghab-Choroeg


At the end of April I will go to Tajikstan to drive the Pamir Highway by 4wd.

Can someone give me advise what is the most impressive/nicest route between Murghab and Choroeg? Is is the M41 or the more southern road via Vrang along the Wakhan Corridor?

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Nasrullo 3 years ago


Of course the road via Wachan Corridor is more impresive than via M41, but I think at the end of April the Khargush pass is still closed. So you have to take the M41.


Shahboz 3 years ago

Vakhan route is more impressive than M41. 


Alisher 3 years ago

Hello. I recomend  way thru the Wakhan.


Turat 3 years ago

The dear Pamir road m41 Osh murgab through the pass Khorgush and the pass Koytezek Zhylandy Khorog. In April, the Vakhan road is still closed, because this year a lot of snow fell.     

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