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Question: Short Time Volunteer while traveling in Kyrgyzstan


My name is Stefan, me and my girlfriend Catherine are two travelers from switzerland, having a trip in Kyrgyzstan from 25 of June to 12 of July.

We are looking for a place to volunteer/helpout for ca. 4 - 6 days, sharing time with the locals to discover their culture and having fun.

I worked on a farm for two years and could help out with teaching english (right now I am a civil engineer for watersupply systems, I doubt this to be of any use but you never now :-)). Cate is an educated nurse and experienced horserider. We could also do chores or help in the garden. We are happy if we can help in any way with our skills. So if you know a place needing help and can provide some accommodations, please let us know. 

Our best regards

Stefan and Catherine

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Aisarov 1 years ago

Hello dear traveler, if you are interested in being a volunteer, we can recommend you a volunteer organization in the city of Karakol, it is called Leadership, the organization works in all directions, including children's homes, plant nurseries, organization of children's leisure, poetry evenings and so on. You can contact the manager by phone number +996555837225 Anastasia.


Ainura 2 years ago


I'm Ainura, tour guide & manager of yurt camp & guest house, if you want to to south Kyrgyzstan, then Welcome!


mirb 2 years ago

Hello dear Stefan and Catherine.

I am Mir from Issyk-Kul province. And i can offer my help. Also i need your help on tourism activity. I am a tour guide also i provide guest house. If you can we will discusse more detaled... 

Best regards Mir...

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