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Question: Getting from Samarkand to Dushanbe via Pandschakent

Dear indy travel enthusiasts! 

I am planning to visit Uzbekistand and here I will make the journey from Samarkand to Duschanbe via. Pandschakent. 

So far I think there should be regular busses leaving from Samarkand to Pandschakent as to this sourcs:


My question: Does anyone know when those busses leave and from what station?

For the second leg of the the travel Pandschakent to Duschanbe I guess a shared taxi or a bus would be the best. And there I would like to ask:

- Is the road condition-wise safe (ill be traveling in June)?

- Are there taxis/busses going every day?

- How long does it take about?

Kind regards, Rene

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