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Question: Looking for shared tour from Bishkek for 3/4 days from June

Looking for shared tour from Bishkek from June 11 for 3/4 days around Bishkek 

Involving horseback trekking/ yurt stay/ walking/ hot springs bath etc

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Gennadiy 1 years ago

Hello! We have a nice offer for you! 

Tour around Issik-Kul lake for 3-4 days! 

1st day: Burana tower, 2 gorges, natural hot springs, nice views, swimming, open air museum, local food

2nd day: Horseback riding in Karakol gorge , trip around Karakol , sleeping in a yurt/tent/hotel

3st day: Visiting of red-rock gorge, trecking to waterfall ,walking between canyons, lunch on the beach, yurt camp with a shower

4th day: SUP-board walking on the Issik-Kul lake , eagle hunting and show ( if you want) , come back to Bishkek!

Low price, all is included! 


Alina 1 years ago

Hello! We can organize you a tour round Kyrgyzstan of any duration and complexity. We work with tourists more than 13 years and that is why we promise you excellent service. If you're interested, please contact us and we will write you an individual itinerary accordingly to your interests and wishes


Kanat 1 years ago


Joomart 1 years ago


It's actually difficult to organise 3 or 4 days tour around Bishkek in one place for horseback-riding tour, trekking or car trip. (I meant for example; Tours around Bishkek:

1) 1 day tour to Ala-Archa National Park (Trekking)

2)1 day tour to Alamedin Gorge (Trekking)

3)1 day Car Trip to Burana Tower 

In these places as you see more difficult to organise for 3 or 4 days tour , but if you combine these tours it's ok! 

If you have time to reach to Kochkor, so I offer to you this tour;

3-Days Horse riding in Song-Kul lake;

1 Day: Kyzart village-Kilemche Pasture

 2 Day:Kilemche pasture-Song Kul lake 

3 Day; Song-Kul lake-Kyzart village

All 3 times meals included.




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