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Question: pick up at border Karakara to Karakol

Hallo Guys,

I’m looking for somebody to pick us up (2 persons) at the KZ/KGZ border (Karkara) and drop us in karakol.

the date would be June 5th.

thank you!

best regards,


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Marsbek 9 months ago


My name is Marsbek. I am a professional guide and driver for Kyrgyzstan. I can pick up you in Kazakhstan boder Karkara vallay abd drive to Karakol.


Regards Marsbek


Ahmet 9 months ago

Hi Harry,

We can arrange for you the transfer from Karkyra border till Karakol for $60. 

Please, feel free to approach with additional questions.





Aman 9 months ago


My name is Aman Ubaliev and I am a guide and driver too I provide tours in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

I will help  you with pleasure!)))

You know that the thing is not price.

My service costs 100$ .

I will meet you at the border. And drop you off in Karakol also I can provide you horse riding tour of course if you want.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 24 hours in a day . 

Many thanks.



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