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Question: 1 day Hiking routes with moderate difficulty


I would like to ask your opinion on what are the best hike routes in Pamir region?

Can you recommend some moderate/easy routes for 1 or half day hikes in the Pamirs?

Is it possible to go alone or you would require a guide?



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Kubanych 3 years ago

I propose a one-day hike Pshart-Humbozkol in the Eastern Pamirs. The maximum height is 3800-4000 meters.


Dilshod 3 years ago

Hi Orsi. If in your plan to travel in Pamir via Wakhan valley, I want recomend to do one day hike near to Langar village. Up to the petrogliphs , till the third level of that. From here good view of Hindukush range too. It's possible to do with out guide.

Kind regards. Dilshod


Khudoguy 3 years ago

Hi Orsi,

The best option for one day hiking with night is the Jizew valley in Bartang valley. But you have to hire a car in Khorog or Rushan to reach the point from where you can start the hiking. 

Best regards



Orsolya 3 years ago

Thanks, I will definitely check these out. 

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