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Question: Murmansk June 3 days Tour Quotes & Ideas for a Couple

I want to get the tour quotes for Murmansk area, I want a cost optimum option for 2 people for 3 days. This is for our honeymoon post wedding :-)

We are fine with a boutique hotel or Bread & breakfast stay and we want to do Husky farms, Saami Village & Arctic Coast visit and if possible, fishing visit. Please let me know if we can see white whales also. 

I can also book stay independently. Also, any other suggestions are welcome :-) Our budget is RUB 25,000 per person. 

We plan to spend 24th -26th June in Murmansk area out of which one evening we would like to reserve for the city wherein we can see Nuclear Icebreaker & do a stroll in the city. 

Woudl wait for your reply, thanks! 

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Dmitriy 1 years ago


I can help you with your tour.

contact with me

+79211715102 Viber or WhatsApp 


Olga 1 years ago

 Hello! We can offer you a honeymoon trip around the edge of the earth, to Yamal! In the program, walk around the city, the only city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle - Salekhard, to go through the stele. To live in the Nenets plague. Ride on deer, feed the deer


Kristina 1 years ago

 Hello! Unfortunately, in the Murmansk region will not be able to help you. I can offer you a trip to Russia, lake Baikal, Buryatia

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