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Question: Astana Night tour

would like to see Astana at night. Just the lights not the clubs. Tonight

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Almaz 8 months ago

Hi! When you are going to come? The cost is 50 dollars for the 2-3 hours. I have my own car SUV. The fuel and nice music included!

Best regards, Almaz


Serj 8 months ago

Hi there! With my own car I can show you around for 40$. I have Toyota Highlander. Please check my profile for more information. best wishes, Serj


Talgat 8 months ago


I can guide you tonight. It's $50 for 2-3 hours. I have my own car so I am also a driver. How many person?


Aliya 8 months ago

Hi ! Thank you for your e mail ! The cost will be for night tour for three hours 60 dollars ! Which date you will be come ?? Best regards Aliya 

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