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Question: Public transport from Charyn Canyon to Almaty


We're thinking of camping overnight at Charyn Canyon, and taking public transport. We've read that there is a bus + 15 km hike possible to Charyn Canyon from Almaty, however we were wondering how difficult it would be to get back to Almaty? Is it possible to arrange a driver only for the way back? Or is there a bus back also? Can't seem to find any info on what times etc.
Any help much appreciated!

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Dmitriy 3 years ago

Hi!Of course-you can hire a driver to bring you back to Almaty.other option- go back from canyon to bus road and try to stop passing buses or cars.or to find vehicle with available seats right there,on tourists parking next to canyon.


Nadejda 3 years ago


I will answer your questions. Distance from Almaty to Charyn is about 220 km. It's about 4 hours by car. In May, our company opens a camping camp on one of the rafting routes on the Chilik River. It's an hour's drive to the Charyn canyons. You can make a track from the camp to Charyn and back, spend overnight, relax and return to Almaty by car.

best regards

Nadejda Raft

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