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Question: Travel Buddy Osh to Dushanbe through Wakhan


I am planning on starting from Osh to Dushanbe through Wakhan.

I am travelling alone and would love to tag along a group tour for company and reduce cost. If anyone has a place left or is willing to tag along please contact me.

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Ahsan 1 years ago

Hello Almaz,


I am travelling from Mid August to Mid September so my dates are flexible. I can do Dushanbe to Osh or Osh to Dushanbe


Almaz 1 years ago

when do you want to start the tour,and how many days?


Kubanych 1 years ago

 Hello, I Kubanychbek. I can arrange for you to organize a tour with your car from Osh to Dushanbe along the Pamir Highway through Vakhan Valley. pon look at my profile with tours and reviews and write.

There is a group in June, but they come from Dushanbe. but I can serve you alone.

  Sincerely Kubanychbek

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