Tour request: 7 Day Kazak to Kyrgyz tour: Almaty to Bishkek


My name is Frederik and I would like to do find a guide who can help us do the perfect 7 day tour in Southern Kazak and Northern Kyrgyzstan. 

We are three guys 30 years old, and like to be active and see nature and local experiences. We think the trip should be something like:


- Leave Almaty 18th of August

- Include the "gold ring" and the National parks in South

- Karakol, Issuk-Syl

- Song-kul 

- End in Bishkek 25th of August

We like to do the following:

- Hiking

- Mountain bike 

- Horse riding

- Eagle Hunting

- Spa / Hot springs

- Fishing? 

- Stay in yurt(s)

We prefer to go with a local guide who is flexible and not a very organized group tour.

Looking forward to hear from you :) 

  • Travel Month: August 2019
  • Number of people: 3

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