Question: EURO or USD? Which currency is better to bring to Mongolia?

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Oyunaa 11 days ago

Both are fine but USD is better and easy.


Dan 11 days ago

Thank you all for your feedback. :)


Henzo 11 days ago

Of course USD is better and available to exchange many places. 


Nyamdorj 11 days ago


In my opinion, USD and EUR are same, which one is easy to bring that is better way. 


Thank you 


Victor 11 days ago

Either fine, but USD is exchangeable in bigger towns in the countryside 


Terelj & Team

Terelj & Team 11 days ago

Hi, definitely USD is better. Accepted at more places for exchange. 


Tamiraa and Team

Tamiraa and Team 11 days ago


USD is better option to bring to Mongolia.


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