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Looking for travel fellows: Eastern Mongolia - solo female, late 30s

East Mongolia - solo female, late 30s


Hi there,

I plan to go to Eastern Mongolia, leaving UB on 14th July and must return 19th July. Looking to join other travellers and driver please.

Ideally would like to see and I know I won't be able see even half, but always flexible:




Buir Nurr

I'm afraid that after tomorrow (1st July) I won't have much access to WiFi /Internet and will only be able to reconnect on 10th July so I will only be able to reply then.

Many thanks in advance! 

  • Travel Month: July 2016

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Sukhee 4 years ago

Hello, Good evening We gladly accept your request. We recommend you our special private "Dornod and Khentii aimags" tour guide program which is associated with the origin of Genghis Khan on 14 to 19 June. Also included many Mongolian nomadic historical sites. It's sometimes hard to narrow down which are the best. We do make our private travel program based on client's interests.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We will create your travel destination agenda as well as the          quotation and send you within 24 hours.

Thank you,



Adiyabold 4 years ago

We do have an itinerary to the east including Binder, Baldan Bereven Monastery, Dadal, Undur Khan (Genghis City), visit thousand sheep raiser, local museums. Total 7 days trip. It is private guided tour with private vehicle. You may go as single traveller or let others join your trip. Maximum 3 people all together. 

Best regards,


Muugii & Team

Muugii & Team 4 years ago

Dear Ms.

Thank you for your request via Indy-Guide.

unfortunately, we don't have a tour exact those days. But we can arrange your trip only for you with the best price. For single travellers, we suggest them very special price with high level trip. 




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