Question: Bishkek - Almaty, 4 day tour

We are two german friends and would love to book the 4 day tour "Bishkek - Karkara border - Almaty, Kazakhstan" with your agency. Do you have availability for the dates 18 to 21st of August? We should arrive in Bishkek on 17th of August. Looking forward to your response.
regards, Christoph

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Joomart 7 days ago



If you interested in horseback-riding or Driver in Kyrgyzstan

Feel free to check my offers






Bota 7 days ago


I availability this days

guide a day per person 50$

car (with a driver) 80$ also we can travel by bus or taxi

3 times meals 30$  gest house or hotel 20-60$

regards Bota

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