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Question: Taxi from Urgench airport to Khiva hotel

Good morning: We expect to arrive to Urgench airport later at 20.20 from tashkent.  Do you have taxi to khiva at this time. Can taxi driver wait us at airport hall? how much cost? Thank you 

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Tomas 3 years ago

Hi jaloladdin, Thank you quick respond. Thats Ok. We expect arrive at Urgench Airport 22 May 2017 from Tashkent at 20.20 p.m. Please arrange us at Airport Hall with my name wrote. THOMAS. We go to Khiva Orient Star Hotel.

Do you want to pay you with dollars? Or do you accept Euro? We can give you 15 Euro money for transport.

Moreover, we need transport from Khiva to Bukhara 25 May 2017. How much cost? How much time cost by your transport between these cities? Can you transport us?


Jaloladdin 3 years ago

Dear Thomas.

I can arrange your Airport transfer to your hotel,

it’s $15 for the car (see my profile).

Would you like me to arrange your pick up at the Urgench Airport?

all the best regards,



Jaloladdin 3 years ago

 Hello Thomas.

Thank You very much for the booking, all right I’ll arrange Your transfer from the Urgench Airport to Khiva Orient Star hotel, the driver will be waiting with Your name on placard on 22th of May at 20:20pm, please look out for this when You’ll coming through the gate (the driver will meet You out of Airport, it’s not allows to enter in to the Airport). The payment You can pay in Euros please. Please book online in my profile.

The transport from Khiva hotel to Bukhara hotel is $60 for the car (not per person), the trip will takes 6 hours with stops, if You would like I can arrange Your transport, please let me know Your departure details.

If You’ll have any questions please let me know,

All the best regards,


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