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Question: Trekking through villages, starting early May

I'm looking for a long-distance (several weeks) trail that goes through villages in one of the 'stans countries, to start in the end of April / early May.
I know it's too early to get to the mountains, but I am really keen on doing a long-distance trek, and I'd be happy for your guidance where to start a trail that will go through villages where I could see the locals and buy supplies every few days.
I'll have my own camping gear.
All the info I see online is about mountain trekking, which cannot be done in early May due to snow.
While I'm looking for a quite long scenic trail that goes through villages and can be started early May.
Thank you in advance for your help!

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Alovaddin 3 years ago

Hi there!

I would suggest you do consider trekking in Shirkent National part (although there are not many villages around).

Or do trekking in Shahristan in the Sughd province. More info: http://www.summitpost.org/hiking-in-tajikistan/851564

Both regions should be fine in May.

Bon voyage!



Dilshod 3 years ago

Hello Sol.

This winter was in Tajikistan very snowy and all trials for doing good treking in Fann mountains and High Pamir closed by snow. If you have chance to change your travel for minimum for one month - will be much better. For now I couldn't give to you any kind of recomendations for GOOD trekking tour.

Kind Regards. Dilshod


Turat 3 years ago

Hello Sol!

My name is Turat. I am from Murgab/Tajikistan. You mean the track? If you arrive in Dushanbe then I will organize a track from Bachor to Zhashylkol 4-6 days. And if you go to Osh, then from Zhashylkol to Bachor. English speaking guide for the track and porters.



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