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Question: What do you offer for this exact request ?

We are a couple and need information about the following things we would like to do in Kyrgystan (no need for long term Guided Tour, just punctual tours or guides as listed below) 

1. REQUEST 1: 

1 day of horse riding and 1 night in a beautiful yourt, with group or just alone. Yourt needs to be in mountain or lake, beautiful view, not surrounded by buildings. 

  • Where? What costs? can you detail your offer ? 

2. REQUEST 2 : 

We want to spend a one Full day with an authentic Eeagle Hunter, and go on a hunting experience with him, maybe on Horses. 

If they live in yourts and they are nomads, we are happy to be in their yourts as well

  • Where? What costs? can you detail your offer ? 

3. REQUEST 3: 

We want to rent and drive a russian van.maximum 5 days.

  • Where ? What costs? can you detail your offer ? 

4. REQUEST 4: Ala Kul Lake

What is the fastest way to go and see ALA KUL LAKE ?

  • What costs? can you detail your offer ?


Please respond to one or many of these requests if you can offer them.


Cheers- Olfa

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Joomart 1 years ago


You can get answers for following questions by checking my listings 


Kind regards



Sanzhar 1 years ago

Hi Olfa,

Request#3. i can offer you Ford Transit Campervan (Westfalia Nugget), 85$/day. Check my listing for more information


Ilyas 1 years ago

Hi. Your tour will be cost 460$ per person. It is including transport,driver, guide,horses,hotel and yurt stay,food in yurt camp(food not including in Karakol city),all entry tickets,hunting, guide from Altyn arashan to Altyn Kul lake,drop to airport. And of course amazing landscape, nice and friendly people, interesting conversations and etc. also includes. Thanks.


Ilyas 1 years ago

Dear Olfa. Of course I can organise this tour for you. Only i need to know some details:where from  you stating tour and where end of your tour(flight details). Rent car will be 80$ per day Honda Odyssey,120$ Toyota Sequoia per day.


1 day.Drive from Bishkek to Bokonbaevo in the way visit Burana tower. Overnight in yurt camp(horse riding,hiking).

2. Hunting 

3.Bokonbaevo-Karakol. In the way visit Borskaun waterfall, skazka canyon, Djeti-oguz gorge. City tour in Karakol.

Overnight in guest house.

4. Karakol - Altyn Arashan. Overnight in Altyn Arashan.(horse riding,hiking, tracking). Horse ride to Ala Kul lake.

5.Altyn arashan- Bishkek

6. End of tour.

Of course many things can be change by your wish. You can just rent  a car and rest things pay separate or if you interesting I can send total package price. If any questions please let me know. Best regards Ilyas.



Ilyas 1 years ago

Hi. My name is Ilyas. I'm guide from Kyrgyzstan.

1 request. I think best yourt camp you will find on South side of Issyk-Kul lake(Almaluu,Beltam), Altyn arashan, Djeti-oguz,Son-kol lake also very good.

2.request. Best season for eagle hunting is a winter. And as i know 1 day is not enough  for proper eagle hunting because normally hunters going far away to the wild mountains and this is take time. But I'm sure its possible to organise but not sure how successful will be hunt.

3 request. I have van Honda Odyssey and also i have suv Toyota Sequoia (90$ and 120$ per day). I'm speaking english and russian.

4 request.  Fastest way to Ala Kul lake it is from Altyn arashan. Walking 5 hours, horse riding 2 hours.

Thanks. Best regards Ilyas.



Olfa 1 years ago

Hi Ilyas, can you message me privately the price for this tour, will check and compare dependign on what i would like to do ! thank you 


Olfa 1 years ago

Nice thanks Ilyas 

Are these arranged by you ? if yes, can you share more details on costing and planning for eeach service that you can offer ?

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