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Question: Any guide or small group for Afghan Wakhan ?


please is it safe now to go to Afghan Wakhan?

Better via Ishkeshim or by Langar?

If you can recommend a guide or if I could join some small group, would be great.

Last week in July.



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Mamadnazar 1 years ago

Hi Petr,

Hope my message finds you doing well.

I am just back from the Afghan Wakhan and I can assure you that it is safe and sound there ) Just apply for 2 single entry visas for Tajikistan and of course apply for the Afghan Visa at the Afghan Conaulate in Khorog and just do it. You will love that experience for sure )

Regarding the border crossing, you can either cross into Afghanistan in Khorog or in Ishkashim. Langar border check-post is not opened yet.

Good luck!


Shamsiddin 1 years ago

you can cross the border just in Ishkashim. 

 Afghan Wakhan is safe for now!



Joomart 1 years ago

Afghan Wakhan is safe for now!


Kubanych 1 years ago

Hello, i am Kuba. Tours, , guaide, car and draiver in Afghan Vakhan, also in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pamir.

Regardes Kuba.


Petr 1 years ago

Thanks  lot! I would like to trek mostly.

So I hope to get a guide or somebody after the border.

Thanks again!


Shamsiddin 1 years ago

you can cross the border just in Ishkashim. 



Turat 1 years ago

Hello the Mr. I'm a driver of Pamir Highway. I was with tourists 3-year ago in Afghan Wakhan If you want to drive Afghan Wakhan you will be convenient to get through Ishkahsim the job and go through the Langar if you are open to the customs in Langar? I do not know for me a langar see the new bridge and the new bandwidth is already ready but working or not I do not know? sorry? Ishkahsim always works Monday to Friday.


Jamal 1 years ago

Afghan Wakhan is safe,  you can cross the border just in Ishkashim. 


Shamil 1 years ago

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