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Question: Long distance Trekking through villages in Mongolia


I'm looking for a long distance trail (of several weeks) in Mongolia that goes through villages, where I could meet the locals and get supply (I'll carry my camping gear with me).

Could you please suggest a place to start?

I want to start in May, so it'd be too early for the mountains, but I am keen to do a continuous long distance villages-trek of several weeks.

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ariuuna 3 years ago

dear sol,

do you have one idea, which mongolian area, may be west of mongolia or so? to start with the your journey, i will suggest Uaanbaatar. from there you go by mikrobus or airplane in the district. in may shutt be you start in the south and than go to the north step by step. shall what kind of service you need? translator, car?

looking forward for your answer khaliunaa


Sol 3 years ago

Hi Ching, Thank you. I'll of course buy a map of the area I will trek. Could you be please more specific and tell please about a good starting point of a long distance hike that will pass through nomads and water sources? Thank you very much.


Ching 3 years ago

Firstly I suggest you get a good fully detailed map of Mongolia and if you are trekking, Central part is more suitable for example Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai, Bulgan province.

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