Tour request: Hiking/Climbing to a peak (min 1B, max. 2A/B)


I will visit Kyrgyzstan from 30 July to 12 of August 2019 . Start in Bishkek and End. For these days I would like to hike/climb up to peak. I am an experienced hiker and often go skitouring.  (due I am Austrian, and we also have a lot of mountains,but not as high as in Kyrgyzstan) I also can climb, but only short  (II to III) and not as a top leader (I always need some experienced  people for climbing with me)

I will bring my own tent, hiking shoes (also spikes for glacier) with me, but no rope and special climbing equipment, if possible I would rent some.

My Budget is 600 Dollars for the whole tour and I would have no problem if some other experienced tourist hiker will attempt the tour.

Please let me know, if you can offer something.

Have a nice day


  • Travel Month: August 2019
  • Number of people: 1
  • Total Budget: $600.00

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