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Question: Eagle hunting in April?

Hello again! I got massive feedback for Song Kul and really enjoyed it this week in the end. I was now hoping I could find an affordable way to witness eagle hunting one of these days.

I have been told there is a festival only once a yaer and besides that day you can see and have the eagle on your arm, but not see the eagle hunt in action. Is it not possible, then? I have a very flexible schedule and I would definitely love to see eagle hunting if it is not extremely expensive :)


Sorry for the long question, any answer will be extremely appreciated!!

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Marat 3 years ago

Hi I can do the hunt tour with cheap prices just send me your plans I can will try to count for my you lawest prices


Aigul 3 years ago

hi there. i can help you organize the show anytime. it would cost $50 and will last for up to 2 hours. 


Marat 3 years ago

Hi I have tours with the eagle hunting like atraction hunt or real hunt but that needs some 2-3 days to go wild places with my friend he is an old best teacher for golden eagles.Please look my offers any changes and discounts are flexible for you just right me by private message

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