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Question: Kel-Suu informations

Hi, I asked my border permits for the Kel-Suu and Torougart zone. Can someone tell me the latest updates about the Kel-Suu lake ? Is it empty ? Full ? Half-full ?

Also, how long is the road from Kel-Suu to Torougart/Tash Rabat and can I do it with a Lada Niva with good 4x4 abilities ? 

Thank you for your answers,

Best regards,


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Alban 1 years ago

Hi ! 1 week ago the lake had water i guess it still does..but less than a half but still is beautiful.

From kolsuu til Tashrabat via Torugart take at least 5 hours but with the stops..in Niva you can go easily.


Joomart 1 years ago

Lake has water! 

It's not empty..


Timothée 1 years ago

Hi ! Thanks for your answers !

There is definitely water in Kel-Suu and its beautiful ! Getting there in a Niva is a looong journey but I think it is worth it. Fortunately, I was able to reach the lake by car. The last part from the yurt camp is harder but it is doable if you feel confident :)

Only bad part is the yellow boat on the shores of the lake : 2000 som the ride... I'd understand this price for the small motorboats, but paying 25 euros for this dingy is quite a shame.

Hope these informations will be helpful,

Best regards,

Tim, currently in Osh


Alexey 1 years ago

Hi! Was there today. Water is there..

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