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Question: How mach for this tour? Kulob to Osh

Hello, i would like to share with someone a tour; this in my plan travel but i can change something. Any other itinerary like this to share a car driver with 3 guys?


·         09-10/08/19 Kulob -> Qulai-Khumb

·         11/08/19 Qulai-Khumb - > Parshinev -> Khorog

·         12/08/19 Khorog -> Ishkashim -> Yangm or Langar 

·         13/08/19  Yangm o Langar -> Passo di Khargush -> Bulunkul

·         14/08/19 Bulunkul -> lake Yashikul -> Murghab

·         15/08/19 Murghab -> Valle di Rankul (lakes Shor e Rang) -> Ak-Baital pass -> Karakul

·         16/08/19 Karakul - > Khigez o Basid (Bartang valley)

·         17/08/19 Khigzel o Basid -> Khorog (Bartang valley); all Bartang valley 400 Km

·         18/08/19 Khorog -> Jelondy -> Alichur or near there

·         19/08/19 Alichur or near there –> Karakul 

20/08/19 Karakul -> passo Kyzylart ->Sary Tash -> Passo Talyk -> Osh Kirghizistan



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Sher 1 years ago

Hi Daniele, how are you doing? So pity to inform you but this very itinerary that you listed is very rarely traveled, especially the Bartang part if you enter from Kara-Kul Lake. Thus, it is quite difficult to find a traveller buddy but you can do it on your own, hiring a driver who knows these places and ready to drive on a very bad roads of Bartang.

Anyways, good luck for you on your trip.

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