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Question: I'm looking to rent a car without driver

Hello everybody !

I will land in Dushanbe 25th of August and I would like to rent a car. I was thinking about Lada Niva because we will be 3 friends.

Do you have this in my garage for me? :)

Thank a lot, have a good day and see you soon!


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Sher 1 years ago

Hey Aubin, my neighbour drives a Lada Niva that was gifted by president Emomali Rahmon himself ))... And it is in very good condition, so if you want you can rent that car. Just let me know and we will discuss the details. 


Shamsiddin 1 years ago

Yes there is Lada Niva ! You with a driver or for rent? in which direction you need Tajikistan( Lada Niva) transport

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