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Question: Kyrgyzstan in April/May. What is available?

hi there!

I'll travel to Kyrgyzstan in the date: 25.04-11.05. What do you think would be worth visiting in this time? I know that some regions are not available due to weather conditions. I'd like to arrange at least one horseback tour (2-3 days). Do you think Song-kul is available at this time?

If not - what else would be good to visit?

Thanks in advance :)


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A 3 years ago

Hi Magdelena

Yes, it is good time to visit Kyrgyzstan in this tim of the year. I have been orgonizing horse trek to Song-Kul lake since 2012. I can orgonize 2 days horse trek to Song-Kul lake in this period of time. and of course help with other places. 


Aigulu 3 years ago

Hello, from my experience it is better visit Son-Kol lake in summer, when the passes will be open. Of course it is possible to get there by horse in April but better not! It will be cold and not a good view as in summer. The lakes in high altitudes will be still frozen.

For horse riding there a lot of options as you can read above.

One of them is 2 or 3 days horse ride to Altyn-Arashan hot springs in northeast of Kyrgyzstan near Karakol town. Of course there will be snow in the mountains.

There are also possibilites around Ton region (Bokonbaevo).

To get to Karakol you can make a loop trip starting from Bishkek taking north road of the Issyk-Kol lake and on the way back take a south road, during the road trip you can stop for many sites.




Kuba 3 years ago

Hi, my name is Kuba,

In general terms, the north of the country is represented more in the Internet space, especially such places as Son Kohl, Tash Rabat, Altyn Arashan, etc. The majority of these places are inaccessible until mid-May, they are covered with snow and especially not accessible for horseback riding.

Instead of Song Kol, we propose trek in Chong Kemin nartional park or walk to Kol Ukok alpine lake and stay in yourt for one or two nights.

At the same time, there are a lot of others magnific landscapes in south availible for horseback in avril or may, like Sary chelek, Arslanbob, Kara Shoro etc. You can access via direct fly to Osh.

If you tell to me more about your preference and what exactly you want as service, I can propose you program and quatation.




Almaz 3 years ago

Hello,this time you can come to Karakol city and you can do 2 or 3 or 1 days trekking or horse riding to Altyn Arashan valley and Karakol national park.If you interested this places,give me inform.

Best Regards,



Marsbek 3 years ago

I can also reccomend visit Issyk-Kul lake - Altyn arasan, Temyrlan's rocks, Jyrgalang vallay,Burana Tower, Tash rabat (karavan saray,Silk road), Sulayman too, Sary Chelek lake, Arslanbob, Karahanit tower in Ozgon, 


Marat 3 years ago

Hi Magdelene thats my recomendation to do horse riding any  places like The Chong-Kemin ,Jeti-Oguz, Grigoriev Gorge And others the mainly is depence on your health safety . We can arrange any safety trips with good conditions, low prices and flexible trips


Kubanych 3 years ago

Unfortunately, Son Kul in April is not available. I propose to visit the south of Kyrgyzstan. Osh-Uzgen-Arslanob. In Arslanbob you can ride a horse.


Marsbek 3 years ago

Hi I am a kyrgyz guide and driver yes it is visit to Song Kol lake available by horse back via Kyzart pass. I know guide from Kyzart village and he has very strong horses. Also you can visit anothe places if you want 


Marsbek 3 years ago

Hi Magdalena 

I can organize horse treck to Song Kol lake now is not very cold, also I can organize anothe nomad tour in beautifule places of KG 

good by 

have a nice trip 

Regards Mars


Asel 3 years ago


This time is also nice tovisit our country except remored places. Visit of Son-Kul lake will be not really possible and interesting as there are no any sheperds at this time with their stocks, theyr will come on June and will be there possibilitis to stay in the Yurt Camp otherwise in May there are no place to stay as well. 

For Horse riding i can offer my place as well which is 120 far from the capital Bishkek - Shamshy Gorgre where we have horses and cottage to stay. We can arrange you horse trek and May is best time to do in my place. You can visit my profile and will see some photos of my place there.

If you are intereted in my place, let me know.

Best regards,


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