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Question: Walkie Talkie Kyrgyzstan

Is ist allowed to use walkie talkies in Kyrgyzstan without a license and when yes which frequencies are allowed?

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Ilyas 1 years ago

Hi. Yes it is allowed.


Alex 1 years ago

Dear Bastian,

It's no probelm to use walkie talkies in Kyrgyzstan.  It's a good idea to not use the same single or frequency of the local amry.    Some car rental compaies have a walkie talkie system inside of there 4x4s.  

Before you come to Kyrgyzstan make sure to read my blog post about self driving trips in Kyrgyzstan. 


If you like day hikes take a look at this travle blog as well.  It's great for jeepers. 


I wish you a great trip to Kyrgyzstan / Central Asia! All the best! 


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