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Question: horse riding Ugam Chatkal National park

Good morning.

Is it possible to spend one morning from tashkent to Ugam Chatkal park to take horse riding in this beatiful spot?

Thank you for attention.

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Aziza 3 years ago

and I think what you are asking I can also organize

It will look like this:

Horse tour of the Chatkal River

Region: Ugam-Chatkal National Park, Western Tien Shan, Uzbekistan

Duration: 1 day

Season: April - October

Type: horse riding

Distance of the horse track: 4 km

Route: Tashkent - Ugam-Chatkal National Park, Chhatal River - Tashkent

Tour description: This tour offers horse riding in the Ugam-Chatkal National Park along an easy route upstream the Chatkal River with an experienced horse riding instructor. In the summer, in the second half of the program, bathing in the river and resting in a shady grove near the spring are provided. Transfer through the territory of the national park to the Chatkal River runs along the coast of the picturesque Charvak reservoir. The route of the horse track runs along a good path among the beautiful landscapes of the Chatkal gorge. In April, tulips bloom.

Program: Horse tour on the Chatkal River

08: 00-10: 00 - transfer from Tashkent to the Chatkal river through the Chatkal reservoir;

10: 00-13: 00 - a horse track up the Chatkal river;

13: 00-14: 00 - picnic in a shady grove near a spring on the river bank;

14: 00-17: 00 - swimming in the Chatkal river;

17: 00-17: 30 - a horse track to the bridge over the Chatkal river;

17: 30-19: 30 - Transfer to Tashkent. 

* In the summer, it is recommended to start the program at 07:00. 

The tour price includes: 

Transfer Tashkent - r.Chatkal - Tashkent;


Mountain guide services;

Services of horse riding instructor;

Picnic (lunch box: sandwiches, fruit, sweets, water, tea).

Recommended clothing and equipment:

1. shoes for trekking in the mountains;

2. trousers for tracking;

3. the cap;

4. Jacket-windbreaker. 

The necessary protection against ultraviolet radiation in the summer:





Tomas 3 years ago

Good morning Umida. How much cost tour for two persons  Horse tour of the Chatkal River on June?


Aziz 3 years ago

Hello dear,

One day trip to Ugam will 60 $ for only transfer. Tashkent-Ugam-Tashkent


Aziza 3 years ago

Only these options r available

I can get quotes Route К01. The top of the Big Chimgan (3309 m), along the route to the Western ridge

Route К02. Gulkam's gorges

Route K02a. Pass Sand, Water, Refrigerator, Gulkamskie gorges

Route К03. Aksay gorge, the main couloir of Chimgan, the Black waterfall

Route К04. Trekking to the Marble River, Beldersay, Chimgan

Route К05. The summit of Small Chimgan (2100 m) through the Sand Pass

Route К06. The top of the mountain is Kyzyl-Jar (1866 m).

Route К07. Trekking in the gorge Katta-kok-say, visiting the "cave Alibaba"


Kobiljon 3 years ago


Yes you can spend one night at Ugam Chatkal park. 

It will cost to you arround 50$ 

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