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Question: Transportation: Karakol-Kegen-Charyn-Altyn Emel-Almaty

Hi there! The three of us are planning visiting Karakol region and after trekking around Ala-Kul and Altyn Arashan our plan is to go to Kazakhstan. Our concerne is transportation to Kazahstan through Kegen border pass from Karakol. IN that respect we are looking into two possible options, depending on how many days we will have left. It is our estimation that we will need the transport around August 10th:

1) transportation from Karakol via Kegen to Charyn Canyon for three people; or
2) transportation from Karakol via Kegen to Charyn Canyon and a 3-4 days tour to Charyn Canyon-Altyn Emel-Alamty.


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Boris 12 months ago

Hello Bojana.

My name is Boris.

I'm lockal guide and driver from Almaty.

I can pick up you at Karakol and drop you to Almaty via Charin Canyon.

Great experience, high level of service.

Сomfortable car SUV Toyota Fortuner 4WD, AC.

Price of the tour will be $ 220, including gasoline, drinks, entrance fees and permits.


Marat 12 months ago

Hello!i can puck up you from Karakol to Charyn canyon-Almaty........prise-220$


Sergey 12 months ago



Dmitriy 12 months ago

Good afternoon, I can meet you on the border of Karakol and offer a tour to Charyn + Altyn Emel


The duration of the route is 3 days / 2 nights.

The length of the tour: the automobile part - 1030 km, the pedestrian part from 5 to 7 km

Transportation: when a group of 1-6 people - Delica.

The cost of the program is all inclusive:

From 1 to 4 people - $ 900

From 4 to 6 people - 800 dollars

Included in cost:

• - Environmental fees.

• - accommodation and meals at the hotel (lunch, dinner, breakfast). - Breakfast in the guest house, dinner on the first day and lunch on the second day.

• Transport service throughout the tour.

This option: If you want to live in tents and prepare food yourself (products are purchased in supermarkets) the price of the tour will be much less. Tents, sleeping bags, table and chairs, gas stove, dishes available and included in the tour price.

From 1 to 6 people -700 dollars.

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