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Question: Urgent: looking for a groups going to Pamir July/Aug


I am French, solo traveler and keen to join a group for Pamir highway including if possible the Whakan corridor.

I want to see all the must see of that area. 

I am open and flexible regarding how it is done (Jeep, Cycling, ATV, dirt bike, etc.).

Please let me know what are the Pamir tours with guaranteed departures this week and the next. FYI, after Pamir, I will spend time in Tashkent and in Uzbekistan but probably won’t take any tour for the cities, whereas I might take a tour for the desert in the west. 

Thank you,


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Kubanych 1 years ago

Hello, I'm Kubanychbek. I can organize you adventure tours, nature, culture, hiking, horseback riding. I will do it with my car in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Pamirs, also Vakhan Valley. You can view my profile with tours and reviews and write for discussion.


Best regards Kubanychbek

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