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Question: Car Rental Pamir highway

Hi! I’m looking for a car to do the Pamir highway. The time will be July-August, we are quite flexible. This is concerning a car without a driver.

Car must be a 4x4 of course, insurance included. I would like to receive some offers if possible! 


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Kadyr 1 years ago

Hi dear friend if you need russin car niva 4×4wd  write me 


Nick 1 years ago

 Hello Merijn,


hope you are doing well. I saw your request and would like to offer you services of my company. I could provide you with insured Toyota Sequoia. The SUV is very safety and reliable vehicle in the mountains. Price will be 70 USD per day and can be available since 14 of august in Dushanbe.



Some photos of cars is here https://indy-guide.com/en/listings/11479-car-4x4-wd-rent-in-kazakstan-tajikistan-and-uzbekistan


We try to be flexible for every custom. Please, feel free to ask any questions.


Kind regards,



Amin 1 years ago

Hello dear , I can offer 4 WD car Toyota land cruiser. $ 120 a day


Merijn 1 years ago

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