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Question: Kazakhstan - in two weeks?

Hi, I am planning to visit the Energy Expo-2017 in Astana with my daughter in August (only then she has the time). It is definitely a "must see" for us.

But we would also like to use the opportunity to visit other places in Kazakhstan: Almaty (of course), Karaganda/Dolinka, perhaps Taraz, Turkestan, and/or sites you would suggest or recommend.

We are both U.S. citizens (I am 69 years old), interested primarily in history and cultural activities (not that much wandering in the desert in August;-), and could stay in Kazakhstan for 2 weeks. Your suggestions and help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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Kamal 2 years ago

Hello, expresses its respect to you and is glad to offer cooperation on the most favorable conditions in the field of tourism and travel in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. 


Aray 3 years ago

Hello, Peter

Welcome to our country))) I can not promise you to show you excellent tours but i can show you  Turkestan in another side, i mean how local people live and their cousin and of course sightseeings of Turkestan.

If you have any questions , you are welcome


Atrau 3 years ago

Dear Peter,

Don`t forget to visit Burabay lake with very beutyful landscape))

I`ll be in Astana during the summer with my vehicle. 

Please let me know.

Best regards


Mariya 3 years ago

Dear Peter,

based on your request, I suggest that you arrive in Astana, visit the EXPO sites and have a city excursion. Then, you can travel to Karaganda and from there go to Karlag Museum in Dolinka village. Optionally visiting the Spassk Memorial and Karaganda city excursion can be offered. Next, I  suggest visiting the Begazy Necropolis dating back to Bronze age and located in the Karaganda Oblast. This place also offers a good insight into the authentic life of locals. However, you can travel directly to Turkestan. There are also cities Zhankent, Sauran and Otrar very interesting from the historical perspective and located in the nearby areas of Southern Kazakhstan. Further, you can travel to Almaty, see the city and the beautiful nature of that area, for instance, in Altyn-Emel National Park.

Apart from that, an interesting place to visit with a significant importance in the history of Kazakhstan is the Semipalatinsk Test Site. 

Let me know what you think!

Best wishes,


anaru6ka 3 years ago


I recommended visit from Astana to East Kazakhstan. 

You can to use our offers on my profile.

madinau 3 years ago

Hi! Welcome to Kazakhstan!

Please visit our profile.we have a lot of individual or group tours in different cities of Kazakhstan. We will glad to show our beautiful country. We know very well Karaganda, Astana, cosmo station Baikonur, Charyn canyon, singing dunes, lakes, aral sea, falls. Alatau mountains, altay mountains. 

Best regards

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