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Tour request: Almaty to Bishkek

I need a driver from Almaty to Bishkek, going through Big Alamty Lake (1 day, back to Alamaty for the night) Altyn Emel (3 days), Charyn (1 day), Kolsai Lakes (3 days), Karokol (2 days), Alokol>Altyn Aroshon (3 days), and ending in Bishkek.

Some 4x4 driving and day trekking (weather dependent), as well a 3 day/2 trek in Alokol>Altyn Aroshon.

My wife and I will be the renters, but am open to splitting part/all of the tour.

For Summer 2020. 


  • Travel Month: August 2020
  • Number of people: 2
  • Total Budget: $1,000.00

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