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Question: Travel from 18-28th Aug Pamir Hwy - Share costs


I travel alone (31 old) and serach for good travel buddies from

- 18th (Dushanbe) or

- 19th (Kalai-Khum)

- 21st (Khorog)

to Dushanbe at the 28th evening. The journey will be until Karakol and end in Dushanbe againe where it started.



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Nadya 1 years ago

Hey, Dominic. Its again me. I have one girl who starts from Osh on 22nd, she arrives Murghab on 23rd and goes through Wakhan,end in Dushanbe on 28th. If you want I can talk to her because she was also looking for travel budfdies. You can contact me anytime


Sher 1 years ago

Hi Dominic, I think it is best to look for travel buddies in caravanistan travel forum. Or in different places where you stay throoughout your trip you can a person going in the same directions. 


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