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Question: Transport from Osh to Kyzart / Song-Kol


I would like to know how I can get from Osh to Song Kol. Price range would be nice too. 

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Joomart 1 years ago

For more check my offers


Aziz 1 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest in travelling in Kyrgyzstan.

From Osh to Sonkol it is around 10 hours of driving. You will need a 4x4 jeep to reach there safely. 

If you are interested, I have 4x4 suv Lexus LX470. I can make a transfer from Osh to Sonkol via Kazarman. By the way, we will stop in most beautifull places to take nice pictures and breath fresh air. 

Price is 270$ in total. Fuel petrol, tolls and all drivers expenses included. There will be 90$ per day, if you would like to continue your trip from Sonkol to any direction.

Feel free to ask any questions you have, even if it feels funny 24/7

baburb 1 years ago

Hello. If it is just delivering we can offer $260.


Ahmet 1 years ago

Hi Andre,

I've just send you a private message with transfer offer. 

Please have a look, and feel free to approach with additional questions. 




Atai 1 years ago

Hello, i have a car for you, Lexus RX300 2002 4WD for 300$. Our car will come to Osh and drive to Songkul via Kyzart - it will take two days. 




Mahabat 1 years ago


Mahabat 1 years ago

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