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Tour request: 10 days trip for Kazakhstan - Almaty.


My name is Yaseen, I am from Saudi Arabia , 26 years old and I am planing to vist Kazakhstan - Almaty area-  in septemper. Still didnt confirm so I am flexable with dates. I am planing to stay for 10 days.

I am looking for uniqe expersinse ! beautiful views and long walks , hiking ,some camping and biking are ok too.

I am ok with sleeping in guest room or house , no need for hotels really. 

My group consist of me and my wife and our little baby ( 7 months old) . We are ok to be a part from bigger group as long we had our private room by night and the peopel with us are nice and friendly.

Finally my budget is between $900- $1200

Also I need an inventation letter to Issue the E-visa :) 

  • Travel Month: September 2019
  • Number of people: 3
  • Total Budget: $1,000.00

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