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Looking for travel fellows: Mongolia July travel fellows

I would be interested traveling to Mongolia from Kazakhstan. If someone would be interested to be a travel fellow or travel in Mongolia in July please contact me. I haven't booked anything yet.


  • Travel Month: July 2017

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Dorjoo 3 years ago

If you need any short trips around the Ulaanbaatar capital. I can help you to take you around. You can do some cultural or sights trip near the city such as visiting at nomadic family, national parks to see the wild horses and more..,




Nurbol 3 years ago


When you come to Mongolia from Russian border Tashant you will get to Bayan-Ulgii. There is a lot beautiful place to travel to Tavan Bogd Mountains, lake Khoton and Khurgan, stay with nomadic kazakh family and Eagle Hunters!  You can go to on horseback tour, hiking tour, or climbing. 

If you would like to have organized tours i can help you i am local guide here. 

best regards,


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