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Question: Camper for September???

We‘re looking for a nice 4 x 4 camper Van in September ( 17th - 26th ) to be picked up and returned in Bishkek.
Best case would be a camper, equipped with kitchenware etc.
If you habe one available, please drop me a message.


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Alex 9 months ago

Dear Sebastian,

Nice to meet you. I see you're looking to rent a 4x4 camper for your trip to Central Asia.  I'm offering camper vans for rent in Bishkek. All of the vans are set up with beds in the back, cooking equipment, and overall a great experience.  Travel like a Nomad in one of my UAZ Buhanak Camper vans. https://indy-guide.com/en/listings/3827-self-driving-camper-van-uaz-buhanka-452 Feel free to write me here on Indy Guide to learn more about my camper vans for rent here in Kyrgyzstan. 

camper van for rent in Kyrgyzstan



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