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Question: A professional Russian speaking Guide!

Hey guys.

My friends are coming to Uzbekistan on September 5th.

They have their own cars. But they need a russian speaking professional Guide for Bekhara and Samarkand for 2-3 days.

Could anyone get in touch with me to help to find one?

Thanks in advance

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Fayzullo 9 months ago

Hello there I m Fayzullo a guide around all Uzbekistan & I have a license &certificate of professional guide with english russian languages.


Fayzullo 9 months ago


Shokhjahon 9 months ago

Hello. We can help you in this deal.



Azamat 9 months ago

 HI. Im guide in Samarkand. I can  do it.


Aziza 9 months ago


I can help

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