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Question: What is the best time to visit Tajikistan, Pamir Highway?

When would be the best time to travel to Tajikistan or to do the Pamir Highway?

Thank you

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Khudoguy 4 years ago

Hi there, 

The best time for Pamir Highway is from June to Mid of September. Other part of Tajikistan you can visit from March to October as well.


Sergey 4 years ago

The best time is from 15 June till 15 of September.

But also possible from 1 of May till 15 November.


Regina 4 years ago


Now is the time to go to the Pamirs . you can drive around the entire country , if desired . It will take more time . End of the season on August 15 Pamir.


Sher 2 years ago

But the far eastern part of the Pamir (Alichor, Murghab, Kara-Kul lake etc) gets cold in September, bearable but unpleasant. In October it is almost freezing. 


Yusuf 4 years ago

hello to everybody 

the best time to visit Tajikistan, Pamir Highway aprill and May

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