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Tour request: Sleep in a authentic yurt but not with a tourist group

Actualy at the beginnng i made a request for Mongolia , Kirghizstan and Kazakhstan. We don't have our plane tickets but we will pospone the trip for Mongolia and just concentrated in Kazakhstan or Kirghizstan. Also we prefer to get only information from guide who will be with us only and not with a group of tourist . Our vacation is for the end of July 2020. And we would like to sleep in a yurt with the local and not with a group of tourist. We prefer not to have all the confort but to get something that is realy authentic

We are 57 and 60 years old not the athlétic type . i know how to do horse riding but not very good at it and my husband never went on a horse.


  • Travel Month: July 2020
  • Number of people: 2

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