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Question: Rafting in Kyrgyzstan

If we have a leased jeep how far you can go with it to the Kirkwall Valley. Is there a limit in terms of the authorities?
If we take a walk in the area of Ketchur and Lake Song Coal, there is a possibility of rafting nearby (Choi River). I would be happy to receive information about companies organizing rafting in Kyrgyzstan

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Kuba 3 years ago

Hello Rami, could you tell me more about area you want visit, beacouse the name you gave don't say anything, maybe becouse transcription is different. 

But, in général term you need the permition for all the areas  boarders (40-60 km), so you can see in the map.

Permition cost is 15 dollars and it takes one mounth.

For the rafting there are several option in Chong kemin and Chui rivers. 




Alexey 3 years ago

Hi! For some places in Kyrgyzstan,you need a border permit. For Example for Kel-Suu Lake. 

Rafting is possible to organize in Chu river or Chong Kemin river. Last year we make it in Chong Kemin,because in Chu was to much water. 

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