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Question: Can you find Vegan Food in Almaty?

Yes, Central Asian food is usually recognized for being meat heavy, but can you find Vegan Food in Central Asia?

Thank you

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Dildabek 4 years ago

Dear Guest,

You are right re food recognized as being meat heavy, but only partly.  It is recognized more in Kazakhstan, but not in all the countries of Central Asia.  Traditionally Kazakhs use more meat than other people in the region.  But in the South of Kazakhstan you can find more vegan food, because of hot climate.  However, still Kazakhs are eating too much meat.  

I think in big cities of Central Asia, including Almaty, you can easily find vegan food in restaurants… or you can cook it yourself buying local and seasonal green products on the market. 

If you have any problems with vegan food, please come and see us in Shymkent, be our honored guest.  We shall organize.  

Kind regards,




Darya 2 years ago


No problems with finding vegetarian food in Almaty! I can tell you exactly, because I'm vegetarian. =) 

Now is the season when many fruits and vegetabales are ready, our local markets are full of them.

By the way, there are many cafes and restaurants specialized in only vegetarian cuisine.


Dmitriy 4 years ago


in Almaty-no problem.Many restourants and cafe offer  vegan menu.I can not say about all Kazakhstan, but Almaty is OK with that.


Sergey 4 years ago

good afternoon ! In Almaty You can find vegetarian/vegan food in different regions



Nina 11 months ago

Yes, we have several Indian cafes in the center of Almaty. Actually, a lot of Indian students and tourists here.

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